Monday, June 4, 2012

The whitewashing of reality in Palestinian narrative.

Letter to 'The AUSTRALIAN'

RE: The Palestinians the only compromisers, Samah Sabawi, (Australioan, 4/6/'12).

[As usual, whenever a Palestinian writes about their plight, they lay the blame solely at the feet of the Israelis. The way they do it is by ommiting some vital facts which  would show that the blame lies on the other foot mostly. The Australian today has an article by Daniel Pipes alongside the one by Samah Sabawi in which he believes that the problem in the stalled peace-process is due to the insistence of the Palestinians to their claim of right of return by the refugees and for their millions of descendants by now.Hence my letter to the editor below.
What chutzpah!]

By ignoring the 4 major wars plus 'intifadas' and terrorist attacks unleashed on the tiny Jewish State of Israel since 1948 by all her Arab neighbouring States, it is easy to claim victimhood by the displaced Palestinians and their numerous descendants since then. This is chutzpah!
Their claim of right-of-return to Israel is a pseudonym for  a hostile demographic takeover of that which they couldn't do by force.
Real refugees flee from conflict and seek resettlement in their places of refuge. That is what Australia has been offering to genuine refugees by the tens of thousands.
No Arab State offers such permanent resettlement to their Palestinian brethren.
This is the tragedy of the Palestinians and their real refugees.

With UNWRA's conniving they remain sadly in stateless limbo and used as pawns by their own leadership and fellow Arabs.

M. Malinek

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