Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Responding to The Australian's Janet Albrechsten re FREEDOM OF SPEECH as a Human Right!

I often agree with Janet's sentiments re freedoms and human rights, democracy, etc. In today's Australian newspaper she again argues for and agrees with Tony Abbott's proposal to do away with the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill.
I there for wrote to Janet as follows.

Re "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite." Watch the Senate after this election!

History and the human experience unfortunately makes one wary of trusting to allow all human beings unfettered freedoms and rights of expression whether political or personal.
The animal instincts come to the fore and freedoms are taken advantage of by inhuman characters.
One only has to look at the "Arab Spring" which has deteriorated into the "winter of discontent".
Democratically elected Hitler persuaded a whole nation to turn into, or close their eyes to the worst of human bestiality in the most sophisticated and advanced nation of the day.

Wherever one looks in the world today,- human freedoms are trampled underfoot by powerful, selfish and self-serving groups.Few freedoms for individuals, particularly women and children who are abused and trafficked all over the planet! No wonder we have tens of millions of victims seeking refuge and safe havens somewhere on this earth for themselves and their families

Without checks and balances in the area of democratic freedoms,- unfortunately no citizens can rely on anyone other than responsible governments, to stop some humans not to incite others to do inhuman acts!

Trust in people, especially in those 2 vying for power at present is very much in short supply. Who will be the losers from the Liberal Party's agenda? No one knows.
The major parties will find a very uncomfortable truth when the senate votes will come in. That is where the hope lies for most people who will seek  those checks and balances to come from the Greens et al. to stop unfettered access to power from R and L.
I think Abbott has shot himself in the foot!

Time will tell.

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