Monday, December 17, 2012

Leunig, the tiresome Judeophobe cartoonist in "The Age".

 Melbourne, The Age. 14/12/'12:

Letter to the Editor, The Age, in response!(unpublished)
We are used to The Age with Leunig's help creating controversy to sell its papers by publishing one anti-Israel statement after the next. Leunig’s most recent escapade into the world of Judeophobia while claiming innocence was his provocative cartoon using Nazi analogies to make a point about that tiny state of Israel . Nick Dyrenfurth (The Age, 14/12) rightly calls Leunig’s insulting offerings provocative and tiresome, while obviously knowing full well that they won’t be ignored. It is not the 1930s and the Jewish people here or in Israel are not the helpless minorities of yesteryear to keep silent about these insults.
I would strongly suggest that both Leunig and the Age’s editorial staff attend Waleed Aly’s lectures to gain a modicum of understanding of the complexities of Middle Eastern politics. His insight into what is happening currently in Egypt ( Egypt’s soul on the verge of being shredded, 14/12) is a refreshing expose of the turmoil loosely termed “the Arab Spring” which is embroiling the whole Middle East. But for the first time it is the aware Egyptians who understand that changing from autocracy to theocracy is not democracy.
With the masses of WMDs falling into who knows whose hands throughout that region, including in Syria, all possibly aligning towards the only stable little enclave surviving by a thread in a sea of hostility in the ME, Leunig’s ignorant interpretations would be funny if they were not so dangerously racist as well!

My letter to the Editor, AJN. 
The  Australian Foreign Minister Carr's criticism of Israel and cartoonist Leunig's anti-Semitic cartoon controversy versus the 1938 aboriginal activist William Cooper story (Australian Jewish News,13/12/'12) .

The story about what that amazingly good person, William Cooper tried to do and say in 1938 here in far-off Australia, is a timely reminder and warning to the whole world.

Perhaps both our Foreign Minister and the Age cartoonist Leunig should try to be a similar ‘good friend’ to the Palestinian Arabs’ leadership in Gaza and Ramallah and proffer to them their respective unsolicited advice and insulting criticisms which they  push on to  Israel, its Prime Minister and us Jews who support them.

If the world would not have acquiesced to what Hitler was doing to the Jews in the ‘30s, perhaps a second world war might have been averted in the ‘40s.

This is exactly what the West, except for the US and Canada is acquiescing to right now vis-à-vis Hamas et al.

So  whom are our supposed  ‘friends’ choosing to criticize and insult?

The only stable and democratic nation in a part of the world torn apart by intra-ethnic conflicts.

But Israel’s critics should also be reminded that Jews are no longer the helpless  scapegoats of yesteryear.

That amazingly plucky little nation of Israel has proven that it will overcome the new ‘Hitlers’ in spite of some of its supposed good friends, not because of them.


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