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Non-denominational support for Jewish people.

It is good to see this group forming and attracting some attention. This article was in J-wire ( Ignorance is the root of all evil, particularly when it comes to Israel and the Middle East!


Adelaide support for Israel
December 17, 2012 by Shirlee Finn
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A newly formed non-denominational group has been established in Adelaide to support Israel.
Behind South Australians Supporting Israel are Ben White, Virginia Snape and Tania Fenwick.
Snape hosts a blog informing readers about the real situation in Israel and White disseminates information about the historical and political situation in the region.
Together with Fenwick. Tania all three are active on Facebook, posting comments about issues in Israel.
They noted in the weeks before Israel actually took action during Operation Pillar of Cloud that rocket attacks were increasing and nothing was being said in the media. When the media became obsessed with Israel again, White suggested that they create a pro-Israel group and rallied to get support.
Fenwick, who has visited Israel said: “ I have witnessed the inclusive and multi-cultural society of Israel and spent considerable time in Jordan and Israel, mostly in my archaeological pursuits. I am a field archaeologist who has worked with the University of Adelaide, Israeli Antiquities, Associates for Biblical Research and a private contractor. I have a great interest in the history of Israel and find that the archaeological proofs back up that the Jews have indigenous connections to the land. I have Jewish Israeli and Arab Israeli friends and along with Ben and Virginia are proud supporters of Israel.”
The three have connected with members of the Adelaide Jewish community.
Fenwick developed a plan to hold a rally in support of Israel.
She said “I ordered posters to be printed and learned the process as none of us had ever been part of a rally like this. I informed the Adelaide City Council and Parliament house and contacted the police who were very supportive. Christopher Pyne has indicated that he will attend a future rally, as he is a great supporter of Israel but was unable to attend on that day.
Fenwick spoke at the rally earlier this month. She said: ” Although it was a small group, all were enthusiastic. The rally took place on the steps of Parliament House. Members of the public waved and cheered from their cars and many told us they supported Israel. We handed out flyers and the whole thing was non-confrontational but underpinned that Israel wants peace, but it is impossible when Hamas and others are full of hate and have declared that they will never make peace. Other pro-Israel rallies have done the same and I hope the peaceful sentiments speak louder than the aggression shown on the other side!”
She added: “It went well – and I think it is a great building base for the future.”
Fenwick has confronted BDS protesters in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall and says “when questioned it was obvious that they know nothing of the real situation. We are not political activists, but find the anti-Israel and antisemitic undertones intolerable and feel that voices are needed at this time to support Israel.”
She said that a pro-Palestinian protester had as to why she had visited Israel. She said “ I told him about being a field archaeologist and then he asked me if I was Jewish or Israeli. When I told him I was neither, he was lost for words – this bloke was a real goose!”
White said: “ It was wonderful to see a dream that Tania had had several weeks ago turn into reality! Plenty more to come yet from SASI !”
The group is looking for funds to assist them bring speakers to Adelaide. J-Wire will pass on any offers of help. Please contact us at

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