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"AND IF WE ALL LIVED TOGETHER" is a 2011 French film which was shown as part of the Alliance Francaise French Film Festival, March 2012.

Plot (Wikipedia)

Jean (Bedos) is a romantic revolutionary, yet enjoys the spoils of a bourgeois lifestyle with his wife, Annie (Chaplin). Annie, a retired psychiatrist, who complains about not being able to see enough of her children and assorted grandchildren. Albert (Richard), is a friendly yet senile man, this is in contrast with his energetic American wife Jeanne (Fonda). Jeanne's a former university lecturer, who is suffering from cancer.
Claude (Rich), a widow, is an aging womanizer with an appetite for pursuits with prostitutes. Claude suffers a heart attack from walking up too many flights of stairs up, on the way to visiting one of his lady friends. Rather than seeing him in a retirement home, his friends decide they should all live together in Annie and Jean's large home. They are joined by Dirk, a young German ethnology student, researching France's aging population.[3][4]

 Cast Jane Fonda as Jeanne and Geraldine Chaplin as Annie

This delightful French quasi-comedy was more insightful and realistic than just comedic. Most of the seniors in the audience laughed in recognition of the reality of self than because of the  jokes!

One of the many clever observations that (French speaking) Jane Fonda makes to the young student is;" we insure against everything, including our lives when we die, but we don't insure ourselves against getting old while alive!" She challenges and embarrasses the young man constantly with her observations re, e.g., the sexuality of the aged (You can be my grandmother, for heavens sake!); whether he really loves his fiancee, (though he confesses that he prefers bosomy sexy girls, which she is not. In the end Jane provides him with just such a girl);with the young man eventually being persuaded to move in to become the old people's very caring carer in the house, instead of just a daily dog-walker as he was originally employed!

The ageing characters portray the various types of ageing,- with the gradual physical, mental and emotional deterioration that old age can bring about eventually to everyone!
 At the same time, the bonding of the old friends is very comforting and reassuring in spite of their difficulties!
This couple did not need insurance for their old age. See video
If this video doesn't deserve to go viral, I don't know what does. Enjoy .

You gotta watch this.

Video by Paul Duhon Videography Orlando, FL)
64 years after eloping this couple finally got the wedding they deserve and if that alone didn't make it an event for the ages the bride also celebrating her 100th birthday.

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