Tuesday, March 13, 2012


1. Insight program on SBS: re arranged marriages; forced marriages of children by parents: the good and bad of these.
Government considering criminalizing forced marriages by parents of minors. Wish I was allowed by our children to arrange their partners for life! The por girls and women caught up in such marriages.

2. Foreign Correspondent program on ABC: the superbug,- publish or perish?
I say: first discover the method of preparing vaccines, then publish how they made the superbug- the 'bird-flu' virus which can produce huiman-to-human infections.

3. Israel: the rockets are shot and shot down from Gaza into the populated areas of Southern Israel. IDF retaliates by targeted elimination of the terrorists. Thankfully the Israeli population is now more protected via their iron-domes! But no let-up from Islamic terrorism!

4. Afghanistan: an American soldier went on a shooting spree for unknown reason killing 16 civilians and burning their bodies.
 America is gearing up for retaliation. No end in sight to the Afghanistan anti- Taliban problems,- no wonder someone lost his mind!The poor women who won't escape their fate at the hands of the Taliban enforced sharia laws.

5. The Syrians under Assad continue their killing spree against their own civilian resistors.
Who knows what the resistance want and who or what will replace the Assad regime. Nothing good has come out of the Arab spring revolutions in the neighbouringcountries so far.They went from secular dictatorships to religious dictatorships. Poor women!

6. The Nigerian Christians and Islamists are continuously fighting and killing each other.
Will that violence ever end between these neighbouring communities and similar ones across Africa?
Who suffers the most? The women of course,- victims of rape and sharia laws enforced by their male supremacists.
Etc., etc.

But the weather is fine and warm in Melbourne. MOOMBA celebrations went off well, the Fashion Festival and Food Festival are doing a roaring trade.
Life is good for us,- thankfully.

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